Telling Wedding Stories With Pictures

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer MPP033015-B copyWedding Photojournalism is a term that was coined about 35 years ago as a “new” style of wedding photography. The idea was to take what photojournalists who work for newspapers and magazines do and apply that to wedding photography. Essentially, to tell the story of the day in pictures. Before that genre of photography made its way into weddings, the style was mostly to pose photos of couples in loving positions, looking happy. If you take a look at the work of many of the photographers who today advertise themselves as “wedding photojournalists” you will find, well, mostly posed photos of couples in loving positions, looking happy. I’m not exactly sure how we’ve come full circle, but I have some ideas.

Real photojournalism is difficult and takes practice. It’s hard to capture real moments that communicate love and happiness when you, as a photographer, are not in charge of scene. It’s a lot easier to do posed pictures that are beautiful but not really very revealing about the couple or the relationship as it truly exists between them. The advent of digital photography made it a lot easier to take care of the technical part of taking pictures. You don’t need years, or even months, of experience to open up a box, pull out a modern day digital camera and start making photographs that are technically acceptable. As a result, a lot of people who always wanted to be photographers but didn’t want to spend the time learning, could how hang out a shingle and start shooting weddings. And that’s all good and I’m always for people following their passion and doing what they love. But the intersection of digital photography and the popularity of Wedding Photojournalism created an uncomfortable union. Not everyone who could now properly expose a photo knew where to point the camera or when to press the shutter. As a result, posed photographs have now become part of what is called wedding “photojournalism” and real moments have largely been forgotten. For me, that’s too bad. I come to weddings with 25 years of photojournalism experience. Telling real stories with a camera is in my blood and the way I learned to use the communication tool called “photographs”. So, when you visit my website – – you will see lots of real moments that tell stories and give you a sense of who the bride and groom are on their wedding day. I hope you like what you see!