Tears at Weddings

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer--MPP011915I love tears of joy. They are an honest and involuntary expression of emotion. And, from a photographer’s perspective, they make good visuals! It’s always great to catch the bride or the groom or the mother of the bride or someone in the bridal party welling with with emotion and wiping away a tear. But when there are two brides, there are often simultaneous tears to be captured! When Cat and Rachel experienced their “first look” just before their wedding at Timberline Lodge recently, they almost ran out of tissues!

Not only were there tears of joy, but the romantic setting of Mt. Hood gave the entire weekend wedding that snowed-in, cabin-like feel. It’s such a fantastic setting. The weddings in the spring and summer there are just as special as the winter and fall. And, no matter the season, there is always something to do for everyone. If you are planning a wedding, especially one that will have lots of tears, check out Timberline Lodge. The folks there are great and the scenery can’t be beat. And, if you want to capture every moment and have the story of your wedding day told in pictures, check out Alan Weiner Photography.