Tapestry of riches

jamie_bosworth_portlands_white_house.jpg Kristi and Gabe chose Portland’s White House B&B for their Spring wedding… a place ideally suited to intimate niceties and many small charms. The house is a gorgeous 1910 mansion run with an astounding attention to detail and a gracious, almost Southern hospitality.

I would recommend this place in a heartbeat… I have worked with Lanning and his staff for lovely events beyond counting.

The weather kept us mostly inside so when it was time for a few portraits we retreated upstairs… the cake had been cut and people were happily mingling in the beautiful house. This time is of the utmost importance on any wedding day. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy session… 10 or 15 minutes as long as it is uninterrupted and the light is good. Time to be in love. Time to start weaving the tapestry of your new life.


Jamie Bosworth Photographer

Very tender and heartfelt moment. Nicely done Jamie!

Beautifully composed. The slight downward tilt of the brides’ head gives a soft feminine feel. Also the swirls of her curls draping her neck are mirrored by the wallpaper pattern in the background. Nicely done.