Taking a Step Back

The Alexis Hotel Seattle WeddingSometimes all it takes to appreciate what a location has to offer is a big step back to see the greater scene as a whole. This section of the Alexis Hotel in Seattle was roped off from guests, meaning that, once we stepped over the rope, we had the room to ourselves! (No, no, we asked for permission, I promise). We started out by playing with backlit close-ups, but I felt frustrated with the space and that my vision for something fabulous in this abandoned cafe wasn’t coming to fruition. It wasn’t until I crouched in the back end of the room to get a wide shot that I really felt this scene come together as a whole. The combination of the dark room and the west-facing sunny windows made for a photograph that was different from anything else in their set from that day, and it’s one of my favorites because of its uniqueness. It now serves as a lesson to me that sometimes, all you need is a different perspective.

Mhari Scott | Wedding Photography for the Creative Soul