Sunset Wedding Portraits

sunset wedding photos after the sun has setIt’s kind of the holy grail, isn’t? Until you miss it, of course. You spend all the time leading up to the wedding scanning Pinterest, photo after photo lit by glowy sunlight. And then your day runs a little late because the priest didn’t show up on time. Or in Nick and Renee’s case, you need to greet the guests right as the never-slowing sun begins its descent. Golden hour, that sometimes elusive collection of only 15 minutes on certain days. Gone, right along with those sunset wedding portraits you’ve been planning.

Not to worry! If you’ve hired a skilled wedding photographer, they can still give you that glow! With a little off camera lighting and the right settings, you can still have the sunset look for which you’re hoping. We love a schedule designed around great lighting, but sometimes it just isn’t in the cards. We’re on your side though! And we want you to love your photos. Read more about this on our recent blog post about hiring a wedding photographer with lighting skills! Turn Loose the Art has got your back and makes it a part of our mantra to offer you both moment-driven photos and portraits with a wide variety.