Stained Glass Portrait

Stained Glass BrideSometimes you have only a few seconds to make a portrait. It’s a great responsibility, really – you’re pressed for time and your scenery options are limited, and you have to make the snap decision on where that split-second portrait is going to take place. The magical thing is that, given such a scenario, ten different photographers might see ten different things – all of which reflect the way this photographer sees the world.

The symmetry in this space was what drew me. In reality, the couple had requested portraits from the balcony and I misunderstood, thinking they’d wanted portraits ON the balcony. We went up to the balcony together and I looked around, discouraged, unsure of what exactly they were hoping to capture. Then, I noticed this small stained glass window in the corner of the space – not big enough for both the bride and groom, but with just enough space for one. Five seconds later, we were on our way to the family portraits, with this keeper under our belts.

Mhari Scott Photography