Remember your Wedding Day – Sparkler Exit Tips

Shaina & David steal a kiss as they exit to their limo on their wedding night © juliana patrick photography

Shaina & David steal a kiss as they exit to their limo on their wedding night
© juliana patrick photography

Remember Your Wedding Day – Sparkler Exit Tips

How do you want to remember your wedding day?  And do you want the end of your celebration to fizzle out or do you want it to end on a bang?  One thing that is always exciting at the end of the evening is a Sparkler Exit.  Now, of course, you must make sure that your venue and location allow sparklers, but if they do, we thought we would share a few tips to make it fun, safe and visually awesome to capture.  I mean, if you are going to do it, do it well, right?

There are a lot of options as far as sparklers go.  They of course come in a variety of lengths – the really common ones that are sold at fireworks stands on the 4th of July- very cheap and only last a nano second (which makes coordinating your possibly inebriated guests very difficult, by the way) to ones we have seen that are about 4 feet long and can last about 10 minutes – which in Ryan’s professional opinion (he is a firefighter after all!) is much too great of a window to allow for error and possibly catch something..or someone..on fire.  (Though we were a part of a wedding that had special ordered sparklers that were about as tall as I am and everyone held them as we paraded in the dark of a wintery wedding ceremony to the reception and it was very cool!  –  Now I have your creative juices rolling, don’t I?)  The goal is to add an element to the ambiance without destroying it or adding a billion dollars to your insurance premium!

So here are some tips to make your Sparkler Exit fun,  safe and visually appealing:

1) Appoint 2 people to be in charge of the sparkler event.  Tell them to let guests know towards the end of the evening that there will be a sparkler exit so they stick around until the end!

2) Have large buckets on hand filled with water to easily distinguish used sparklers after use.  (Your fire marshal and wedding coordinator will really want to see this!)

3) Separate group to form 2 rows in which you will pass between when you exit.  *Note – have the key players in your day be at the front of each sparkler line (closest to the get away car) so they are visible in your exit photos.

4) Make sure that everything that you need when you exit is already in your get away car.

5) Have your Sparkler friends light sparklers at the same time and in the same order on each side of the rows so there is some symmetry to the sparklers.  Depending on the size of the group, they may need 2-4 additional sparkler lighters on hand.  Have enough lighters!  The goal is for all of the sparklers to be lit at approximately the same time.

6) Have line up area pre-planned so people can easily be directed where to stand!  A bonus is to have something in the background of the exit – the venue, a sign – something distinguishing about the wedding.  Have guests stand a minimum of 6 feet away from where you will be passing through.  Keep in mind that peoples arms with flames at the end of a long sparkler will be pointing at you –  and you will be 2 body widths wide walking out hand in hand – so do the math and make sure that people are far enough away that they don’t ignite you.

7) Take time to enjoy it!

Now this all may seem very basic, but putting some thought into this ahead of time will make your exit much more fun and enjoyable…  and your photographer will thank you because they can focus on capturing some great moments.  This image is from Shaina & David’s fun Wedding at Pure Space.

The cool thing about Sparkler Exits is it gives your wedding night and your wedding story some closure.  We are always looking for images that tell your story and one that can be used as a lasting impression to end your storybook album.

If you know us or have read any of our other posts, you probably already know how strongly we feel about the importance of something tangible from your wedding, such as an album.  Having an archival memory to remember the story of your wedding day for generations is powerful.

Speaking of albums, we just made one from our 2014 Wedding Highlights.  You can check it our here!  2014 Highlights Album

This album is 36″ wide when opened and will knock your socks off!  If you would like to see this album in person, come visit us at the Bravo! Wedding Affair or call us to set up a time to talk!  We can’t wait to meet you!  Juliana Patrick Photography