Something Old, New and Borrowed

Wedding Heirloom

Something old, Something new and something borrowed and something blue is a tradition that has been around a very long time. Have you ever been curious as to what each of these traditions mean? Well heres the skinny:

Something old; for continuity
Something New; Optimism for the future
Something Borrowed; happiness
Something Blue; Fidelity, good fortune, and love

A lot of times brides consider their dress the something new, but something old could be a family heirloom such as a lace handkerchief and old ring or something like a pin pinned to the bride’s dress. Something borrowed could be a family member’s veil or headpiece or even grandmother’s jewelry. Ofcourse a something blue could be a garter, toenail polish color or even lingerie.

This bride had a lovely collection of some of these traditional heirloom pieces such as Grandma’s handkerchief, her other grandmother’s gold ring and her mother’s garter. So special to pass these things down generation to generation.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Deyla Huss Photography