Simplicity, Joy, and Humor in Wedding Photography

In wedding photography, it’s our challenge to create stunning portraiture, capture the candid moments that define the spirit of the event, incorporate the relationships of friends and family, and fuse them all to tell the story of the day. I love this image because it encompasses the spirit of the event – light hearted, joyful, fun – but additionally captured the honesty of a Dad who was not quite ready to let his daughter go.

Those of you who have followed our posts in My Portland Photographer know that this isn’t the first image of a father and daughter taking the walk down the aisle, but it’s really one of my favorite parts of the wedding ceremony because to me it’s a defining moment in the relationship of a father and daughter. It can all come down to a kiss, a hug, a high five, or even a crinkled nose – a lifetime relationship summed up in a single moment.

Joyful, funny, sentimental, and even outrageous describes Karin and Michael’s Wedding on our Art of Joy Blog. Take a look! If you love the beautiful setting, enter Bridal Veil Lakes in our search function and see more fun and unique weddings.

The Art of Joy