Sunset at the Silcox Hut


The Silcox Hut is one of the most unique and incredible wedding venues for outdoor-loving couples in the Portland area.  It sits at roughly 7,000′ on the side of Mt. Hood, with Timberline Lodge twinkling below.  The summit of Mt. Hood is only 3,000′ above, and is an incredible backdrop for a ceremony.  The inside of the “hut” is a stone hall with many windows, beautifully lit and full of warmth and character.  Due to the intimacy of the setting, only just over 40 guests are allowed for weddings.  During the summer, you take a shuttle ride up the forestry trail to get there.  During the winter, you take a snow cat.

Megan & Eric were married there on a September evening.  The wind blew all around us, and the sunset glowed across the valley.  Mt. Jefferson is in the background here, across all the misty hills.  I love how Megan’s veil whips in the wind, and her Vera Wang peep toes sparkle from under her dress.  It was a glorious evening I’ll never forget.

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  • What a cool location! I love it. Great soft lighting as well. Very tender.