The Second Kiss

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer  MPP10614The first kiss always happens at the alter. But the second kiss always happens in a predictable spot as well. I’ve covered hundreds of weddings and it’s almost always true. As soon as the newlyweds make their way down the aisle and past their guests, they turn to each other and the second kiss occurs. It’s unscripted but completely predictable. Sometimes it’s just a quick kiss while they are still walking. And sometimes the couple stops and the kiss involves an embrace. In all the times I’ve witnessed – and photographed – this moment, I’ve never seen what happened at Danielle and Casey’s wedding at Postlewaits in the Willamette Valley. Casey and Danielle turned to each other and struck a pose that was right out of the movies. As soon as I started shooting, Casey’s youngest son came running up from behind and wanted to get in on the embrace. It was a fun moment and made for a fun photo. To see more fun photos, check out