Ring Pictures at Weddings

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer   MPP041315When I first started shooting weddings, it was taboo to shoot a picture of the rings. The idea of a picture of the wedding rings brought back memories of those campy shots from years ago of a couple with the bride’s hand on top of the groom’s hand, situated just right to show their rings. Before wedding photojournalism became the style, those photos were part and parcel of every collection of wedding photos. Just another posed photo from a day of posed photos. But today, shooting the rings has once again become an expected part of the photos the wedding photographer delivers. But, to avoid those terrible throwback images, I try to get creative. Anytime I can frame the rings into a background or foreground that helps give more information about the wedding, I’m a step ahead. For example, if the wedding takes place at a synagogue, I try to use some of the hebrew written in the book they are using at it is a graphically appealing language when written. And, in the example photo here, the idea of placing the rings on a piece of Timberline Lodge stationary I found in my room the night before the wedding, adds the information of where the ceremony took place. I have often thought that if any couple wants to be reminded of what their rings look like, all they need do is look at their hands! But if additional information about the wedding can be incorporated into the “ring” picture, all the better. To see more pictures that convey multiple messages, check out