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Hannah and Ben's Wedding

Hannah and Ben’s Wedding

Hannah and Ben had an amazing wedding weekend. Their close friends and family began showing up a few days before their wedding and the party grew as the week went on. Eventually, Friday night arrived and it was time for the rehearsal dinner on the beach. It was clear all week long that these two were meant for each other. Whenever they were in each others presence their eyes lit up and their laughter seemed to flow easily. So it was no surprise that Ben took the first opportunity to sweep Hannah up in his arms and rush to the surf. Mother nature provided the backdrop and love provided the happiness. Often times couples forget that their wedding really starts on Friday at the rehearsal dinner. There are so many magical moments on the day before the ceremony that it’s a shame to miss even one. So when planning your wedding, don’t forget to include the photographer in the night before. Not only does it provide a great opportunity for pictures that help complete the overall feel of your wedding weekend, it also allows the guests to get used to the photographer. An added bonus is the photographer gets to see who is really important and meet the people he/she will be spending the day with on ceremony day. Don’t think of your wedding as a one day affair. If you have a rehearsal dinner, try to include your photographer in the plans. To see more complete wedding photos, check out