The Reason You Marry

bride shares look of love at wedding ceremony

If you’re newly engaged over the holidays, you might currently be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the many options before you. Or if your wedding coming up in the next few months and you’ve got all the big decisions made but suddenly realizing how much work there is left to do before the big day arrives, you might start feeling that same overwhelm return. What? You’ve already been there, that was supposed to be behind you, right? And you might just be at the point in which you want to toss it all aside and head to the courthouse or hop a plane to Hawaii.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you hang in there and keep at it, I really hope you become the person in this photo soon. I hope for you that even sitting at the altar with 200 faces staring at you, you might forget everything around you but your partner. I hope you can take a moment of your wedding ceremony and gaze across at your nearly-spouse and share all the zillion feelings flying around in your head and package them all up into a look of love like Jess did.

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