Rainy Day Wedding Portraits

One of the big concerns on many a couples’ minds when planning out their wedding day is “what do we do if it rains?” You might think that, living in the Pacific Northwest, this would happen fairly frequently. In reality, though, we tend to have one big stretch of sunny, rain-free weather from July to mid-September: the time period when most couples (at least in Portland and Seattle) plan for their weddings to occur. But let’s say you were to choose an off-season month for your wedding and the likelihood of rain is much greater. Or, perhaps like Laura and Alec above, you got married somewhere else entirely – like the Washington, D.C. area, where a summertime thunderstorm is a very real possibility.

Though it might affect other aspects of your day, you can rest assured that you don’t need beautiful weather to make beautiful portraits. Light, in so many of its presentations, is fascinating, beautiful and, in many cases, extraordinarily soft and delicate. You may not get the veil-blowing-in-the-field portrait that you had hoped for, but even in the pouring rain, you and your photographer can make gorgeous art together.

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Mhari Scott | Portland Wedding Photographer