Quiet Before the Storm

bride gets ready for wedding day with sister and mother

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror and knowing glances exchanged around the dinner table thankfully also a distant memory, it’s about time you settled into wedding planning. Or so your future mother-in-law says, right? There are way too many decisions to make throughout this process, so we’ll make this very easy for you. Very brief! Before you make any decisions, ask yourself whether it really matters. Does it really matter which bus service, which linen? If it does matter to you, then by all means give the decision the attention it deserves! But if it’s nothing about which you feel deeply, don’t worry too much about it.

One thing Lauren insisted upon was having a few moments with just her mother and sister while she dressed for the day. And since everyone around her knew the importance, it was so easy. After she finished with the dress and veil, she walked out into the room for the rest of her gathered bridesmaids, aunts and grandmother to see and had a lovely moment with them as well. It was a way to enjoy the quiet moments before the bustle of the rest of the festivities.

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