Quiet Moments of the Wedding Day

bride getting ready at gorge crest vineyards wedding When you hire a wedding photographer, you’re probably envisioning a few beautiful scenes in your head. Maybe you’re picturing a sweeping vista behind you and your new spouse as you exit the wedding ceremony with your joyous guests cheering behind you. Maybe another moment you’re seeing behind closed eyes is your mother and bridesmaids laughing as you slip into your wedding gown. And I’m willing to bet you’re thinking about a perfectly composed first dance photograph.

Those moments, we’ll definitely capture them throughout your wedding day. And while some of these key moments do often result in award-winning wedding images, they’re not always the images that motivate us as photographers. Joe and I are primarily documentary photographers. We don’t classify ourselves as true photojournalists, because we’re willing to bend reality a bit to make sure everyone looks their best. We look for the story throughout your day, though. And we won’t set up fake moments.

So when a frame like this comes along, we’re thrilled. Melissa self categorized herself as the opposite of a girly-girl. She didn’t really even want to wear a bit of makeup on her wedding day, but knew she should invest a bit of time in enhancing her natural look. She asked her friends to help with just a little bit of makeup. They sat around in the bridal suite at Gorge Crest Vineyards and ate cheese puffs and drank champagne while they all pitched in to do a few small touches and give Melissa exactly what she wanted. It was very relaxed. This image shows a few of those moments and tells more about her wedding day than many of the other images I photographed.

See more of Melissa and Nathan’s wedding day, including all the traditional and expected images alongside these quieter moments.

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