The Puppy Ringbearer


Denali was enthusiastic to say the least, and she did her job perfectly.  The rings rode comfortably in the baby barrel around her neck, and she bounded down the aisle to present them (and get lots of snuggles and pets).  She turned around and ran back to the coordinator, to many cheers and much appreciation.

I love it when dogs are incorporated into the ceremony.  They’re often the first “kids” we have together, and no one can help but grin when they go down the aisle.  Denali also stayed for a bit of the reception, and of course, photos.

Christine & Steve’s wedding took place at the Crag Rats Hut in Parkdale, on a beautiful August afternoon.  The mountain was out and the views were magnificent!  To see more of their wedding, head over here to the blog.


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