Portland Center Stage at The Armory Wedding Photos

portland center stage at the armory wedding photos
We like to talk a lot about making personal choices for your wedding, and how we always prefer to photograph with touches of personality sprinkled throughout. Hannah and Stew took that seriously. Their Gonzaga mentor from their college days performed his first wedding ceremony for this couple at their Gerding Theater at The Armory wedding. It’s probably not often an officiant can elicit pure, unadulterated laughter from a Whitman reading, but that’s exactly what happened at their wedding ceremony. And then, seconds later, guests started stealthily wiping away tears as they heard what Hannah and Stew had each written about each other by email. It was only later during their portrait session I found out neither expected their words to be read verbatim!

Words matter. Oh, they matter more than one might think. This isn’t the the kind of wedding in which “Love is Patient” took center stage. No, this was the kind of wedding that brimmed with affection and joy, laughter and tears. We’ve got a few more images on our blog from their Portland Center Stage at The Armory wedding, and soon we’ll have even more when their full story hits the blog!