Playful Posing


There are so many different ways to photograph a newlywed couple on their wedding day. There are traditional poses that consist of couples embracing, glancing toward the camera, or even looking into each other’s eyes. There are the more romantic poses where couples kiss or use their hands to make a heart shape. There are the more creative poses where a couple may look off into the distance and there are the completely un-posed candid moments when a couple isn’t even aware they are being photographed.

The task of the wedding photographer is to take these various looks and poses, infuse them with his or her own style, and create a collection of wedding day portraits.

When photographing couples on their wedding day, I like to capture a nice mixture of styles in portraits while incorporating some of the unique features of the venue. The set of vintage fuel pumps with their bold striking color immediately caught my eye. I knew I wanted to capture a portrait of the couple standing alongside them but I also wanted to create an image that referenced both the present day as well as a time period long ago. Their pose is edgy and modern but also references the early days of photography when subjects stared defiantly toward the camera. This creative play between the couple, their environment, and their interaction with me as their wedding photographer is what I seek every time I document a wedding.

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