Playful Portraits


Why not capture some playful portraits on your wedding day?  There are so many poses and different looks that can be created, you might as well include some playful portraits as well.

When we photograph weddings, we make sure to provide our couples with an array of different looks and styles.  We use a variety of lenses, various settings throughout the wedding venue, and a mix of poses from formal and classic to loose and candid.  Some images are captured up close and intimate.  Others are captured from afar and are more atmospheric.  The goal is to provide our couples with a great collection of images for them to look back on to remember their wedding day.  We gauge the personalities of our couples to inspire our creative approach to capturing playful portraits.

Want to jump in the river?  Go for a piggyback ride?  Do something odd and unusual?  There are no limits and that’s what’s so fun about capturing wedding day portraits.  Make them playful and fun.

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