Pictures Before or After Your Ceremony – Let’s Break it Down

Will you see your beloved before your wedding ceremony? Couples seem divided by tradition, time constraints, and even geographical location. If you’re still debating whether you’ll have your portrait session before or after your ceremony, let’s break it down. There are advantages for both!

Before The Ceremony

* Your hair and make up is fresh and will look picture perfect.
* We can position ourselves at the perfect place to capture the first emotions of your love. While we can usually do so at the ceremony, we may have
have church rules or blocked views due to ceremony set up or a zealous guest with their iPhone.
* After we document that first look, the two of you can have some private time together before the excitement of the day.
* You don’t have to hide from your guests in order to keep to your timeline. Accept those congratulations and hugs right at the church or wedding venue!
* There is less of a chance of family wandering off to the reception instead of participating in pictures.
* Kids are generally less antsy. Being on your best behavior often means sitting or standing still and when they’re done, they’ll want and need to move.
* Your guest can send you off from the church.
* Last, but definitely not least – you can get to your reception and let the party begin!

After The Ceremony

* The formalities of your ceremony are over and YOU’RE ¬†MARRIED! The nerves are history and your smile is joyful.
* You’re documenting your first hour as a married couple.
* You love traditions. You want to each other for the first time and drink it all in as you walk down the aisle or wait at the alter.
* You won’t run the risk of your guests seeing you before the ceremony (if that’s important to you.)
* Family doesn’t have to arrive hours early and wait around.
* You can wait until the last minute to put on your dress if you’re concerned about any dirt or wrinkles.
* Likewise you won’t have to dress any little ones early and tell them to sit still and not spill if they have a snack.
* Guests can find their way to the reception venue and relax with a drink and appetizers before the reception begins.
* If you habitually run late, you won’t waste your money by your photographer standing around waiting before the ceremony.

Bottom line, there is no right or wrong answer – it’s entirely up to you! If you’re still not sure, consult your wedding planner and/or photographer for their insight – then enjoy, relax, and savor every moment.

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