Photographing Kids at Weddings

If you have kids at your wedding, you can pretty much guarantee that any photographer worth their fee will capture them doing something funny,cute, or perhaps even adorably naughty. Those are kids being kids, and it’s probably no surprise that photographers love it. But you know what I love? Capturing a timeless, simple, camera aware image of the kids. This is my favorite kiddo image of 2013 and it was born from a request to photograph all the flower girls together. It was a very hot day, and while they were great sports for the formals, they were ready to take a break from the grown ups. We wandered over to another area of the Courtyard North Harbor Marriott, let them relax, and the result was this image of three little buddies with three distinct little personalities.

If children are an important part of your wedding day, you’ll want to choose a photographer that connects with kids. Do they have a variety of images? Are the children posed naturally during formals? Do they show the relationship of the kids to the wedding? Your photographer can also share their experience and expertise on making the experience happy and as stress free as possible on the big day.

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