Photo Timeline for your Wedding Day


Photo Timeline For your Wedding Day

Sit down, with a glass of wine, beer or whatever beverage you enjoy and spend a few minutes visualizing your upcoming day! Imagine what the morning wake up will feel like. Will you just sit and revel in the moment and have a cup of coffee and be or will you meet a group for breakfast or brunch. Think of what it will feel like to be surrounded by all the faces of your past as you get yourself ready to walk down the isle. Where will you be, and who will be there? What interactions do you want to remember forever through imagery. Believe me, it won’t feel like work, but it will allow you to get a better idea of what things you may want to have photographed. Having this mental adventure will help you create the finer details of your wedding day timeline and connect with the moments you are most excited about. If you focus and plan these moments, your imagery will be more than the run of the mill wedding album with all the standards. It will be you and your loved ones… honest and true to the historical path that led you to this day!

The image above was taken in The Sentinel Hotel.

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