Personal Style on your Wedding Day

wedding style with a twist

May I just start this post out in the most positive way possible? However you want to look on your wedding day, I support it. Whenever you make the decision to do something that isn’t a black tux or suit or a white dress with white heels, you’ll hear “feedback” from those in your life. And some may be warranted, but you’re always the one with the decision in your hands. Bethy told me at our first meeting that she was kind of hoping for snow on her Christmas Eve wedding but either way she’d be wearing her favorite boots and not worrying about the hem of her dress.

And so she did. Her knee-high lace-up boots, always laced in blue. She’s been wearing variations of this since she was 15 and it’s a part of who she is. So of course she should carry this part of her into her wedding day! She rocked the boots and unlike some at the wedding, didn’t have to worry about sinking into the muddy trails all around us in Hoyt Arboretum. We’re still processing most of her wedding images, so there’s only a couple more to check out from her and Dan’s intimate wedding.