Perfection in Portland


Perfection is Portland’s very own St. Patrick’s Church. Sitting on an unlikely corner in NW Portland, she is a lovely old style Catholic presence on the edge of an industrial area. Weddings here have a time of their own it seems. Standing on the steps waiting for a wedding to come together is more interesting here than so many other spaces.

This particular wedding had a large Mariachi band in lieu of a choir… if that doesn’t bring you in I’m not sure what might. Wait, there’s one more thing to mention about this day… the priest, a family friend, came up from California to conduct these two into wedded bliss. He looks so much like our culture expects Jesus to look, it was kind of unsettling and soothing at the same time. He is well known for blessing the surfboards… oh, and John Wayne is his grandfather.

Perfection… a day at St. Patrick’s in Portland. ;0)
Jamie Boworth Photographer