Peninsula Park wedding ceremony photos

peninsula park wedding ceremony

One of them is a Portland native, one of them thought Portland sounded like a cool place to get hitched. One of them jumped at the chance to go running through the Peninsula Park fountain after their wedding ceremony and one went along for the splashing jog. One of them sang karaoke on the school bus shuttle en route to the ceremony, the other was on the receiving end of a beer fountain. One of them calmly waited beneath the perfectly shaped trees of Peninsula Park’s immaculate gardens while the other stepped slowly towards him with mindful intent. It wasn’t always the same person that started each act, but it was the two of them jointly marrying in a beautiful and touching Peninsula Park wedding ceremony.

Emily and Joe brought joy to their day in ways hard to describe with words. They thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the day – and most importantly were completely present at each part as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better day with them. To see more photos of their Peninsula Park wedding and Union Pine wedding reception, check out our blog showcase of their wedding day. If you’re looking for the perfect role models in planning a fun and laid-back wedding, you’ve found them.