Bridal Veil Lake - sunset on the dock © juliana patrick photography juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160

Bridal Veil Lake – sunset on the dock © juliana patrick photography
juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160

The Evening Light

Light is one of the mandatory components of meaningful imagery and the quality of light helps us convey the emotions of the moment. When the wedding reception is in full swing and the sun is slipping behind the horizon, the light can become soft and diffuse… a quality that only exists for a short time before the sky goes dark. This soft light can be utilized to put attention on the new couple and the emotions that surround the fact that they are now married and they have crossed one of life’s great milestone together!

Above, Chandler and Taylor had a wonderful moment on the dock right before the sun disappeared for the day. The soft light frames them wonderfully in their environment while drastically lighting the edges of their forms in stark contrast to the natural green shapes of the forest that engulfs them. Thanks to Chandler and Taylor for allowing us to be a part of this moment!

Thanks also to Bridal Veil Lakes… for being a great place to shoot!


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Misty Resort At The Mountain Wedding

It started out at a Huskies fraternity tailgate and continued on to be a match made in heaven truly! What a beautiful wedding at The Resort At The Mountain in Welches, OR! We were expecting sunshine and open skies but instead we got a misty Resort At The Mountain wedding and a whole lot of fog! But that didn’t stop this wedding from being gorgeous thanks to the amazing Elizabeth of Bridal Bliss! Having to change things up a bit last minute was nothing short of flawless!

Watching Nicole with her mom and sister was so sweet during the preparations, both mom and sister helped her get her dress on, and its usually one of my favorite times during the day to photograph because it is such a sweet memory being built for them. There was music and lots of dancing when the girls were getting ready! During the ceremony, Nick and Nicole exchanged two red roses symbolizing something like a unity candle would, very neat idea! After the ceremony, everyone moved over to a cocktail hour on the deck outside of the ballroom and THAT was just the beginning of this evening! It was filled with SO MUCH dancing and fun which led to some amazing reception photos! We ended the night with all the University of Washington Alumni on the dance floor for a group shot throwing up their “W” can’t get better then that!

I was truly honored to be a part of Nicole & Nick’s beautiful day, Getting to know them both over the last year through the planning process was such a pleasure. you can see the rest of this wedding on our blog HERE.

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Resort At the Mountain Wedding

Deyla Huss Photography

Resort At The Mountain


It’s breezy and quiet at Vista Hills Vineyard in July and an engagement session one month before the wedding gives us a chance to get used to each other before the big day. Susan and Milton are from Texas but Oregon is one of their favorite playgrounds. Around here, they are happiest in the Portland food scene and roaming in our gorgeous wine country.


Besides getting used to the camera, Susan was able to try her hair and makeup ahead of time… the talented Katherine Ross did a lovely job! Susan also found out that her initial florist wasn’t up to the task… enough so that we didn’t use the flowers in this shoot. The trial run aspect of an engagement session can point to the strengths and weaknesses in the fabric of your planning, especially if you are making Portland a destination wedding.

The unexpected thing we got from this session was a chance to make a wine label for them. She had mentioned that they were going to have a September reception in Texas and that the cake was to be shaped like a large wine bottle in a box. She asked if I could make her label for the cake “bottle” and one that could also be used on the gift bottles for their guests. I hope they will share a picture of that cake afterwards. ;0)


Getting to know my couples is one of the best things about my job… by the time we did the wedding last week, I felt like these two were new friends in my circle.
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Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

This might be our new favorite photo that we’ve shot of a bride making her way down the aisle. At Sarah and Juamaine’s wedding, we caught this moment when Juamaine wiped a tear from his face as he saw Sarah and her father walking in. To see more images from this lovely wedding at Postlewait’s, visit a sneak peek album on Facebook.

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

Here is one more image from Molly and Dylan’s wedding that we really love. The first dance often takes place later in the evening, after the sun has gone down, so we have to find the best way to light the dance floor. Here, we used cross-lights to illuminate the bride and groom dancing their first dance as a married couple. To see more images from this wedding, visit a sneak peek album on Facebook.


After getting ready at the Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland, Tenley and Adam hopped on a shuttle with their wedding party and immediate family members to head to the Portland Art Museum for some outdoor portraits.  The surrounding area offers a number of great backgrounds for portraits.

We captured the couple along a modern glass wall, amidst the urban landscape of the Portland Park Blocks, and along the art museum itself.  Tenley erupted in laughter during the portrait session making this wonderful candid moment.  Capturing portraits of the bride and groom always required a delicate balance between posing and allowing the magic to happen.  I like to assist my couples in getting into position and capturing the most flattering angles while the love and happiness that they share between each other unfolds before the camera.  This is a classic example of how I work in capturing my couples on their wedding day.

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When I first met Brian & Aleena, they knew they wanted to have a tiny wedding in the wilderness, they just weren’t sure where.  We started with some general ideas, and out they went to find the perfect spot.   After several weeks of adventures, they found Henline Falls in the Opal Creek Wilderness near Salem, and fell in love.

I had been to Henline Falls a few times to photograph it on its own merit, so photographing a wedding here was an absolute blast.  The roughly 1-mile hike is lined with beautiful trees, and the tiny basin the water thunders into is gorgeous.

Hiking out with a dress and suit slung over a shoulder, boots tied to a bag, portable speaker in a backpack, champagne and glasses and other celebratory items tucked away, bouquet in-hand, we all arrived rosy-cheeked and smiling to the base of the falls.  They brought a small pop-up tent to change in, like a waterfall-side phone booth where everyone went in as a hiker, and emerged wedding-ready.

The ceremony was fantastic, made of inside jokes, Princess Bride references, a fantastic quote from Thích Nhất Hạnh, and vows they wrote to each other.  After their first married kiss, they raised glasses for a toast, and we stayed at the waterfall for awhile for photos before hiking out and driving up the beautiful road for more portraits.





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Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

It is hard to beat a sunset at Postlewait’s. Sarah and Juamaine’s vintage/country wedding produced many great images, this being one of our favorites. We’ve shot at this venue before and knew that, as we approached sunset, we’d need to sneak the newlyweds away on a walk to make a few portraits. To see more images from this wedding, visit a sneak peek album on Facebook.

Us Against The World ©juliana patrick photography juliana patrick photography 5033.318.5160

Us Against The World ©juliana patrick photography
juliana patrick photography 5033.318.5160

Us Against the World

Chandler and Taylor have a connection. They have a history. Why is that so important?

Life is crazy, unpredictable and at times, confusing. We work hard to carve out a spot for ourselves that will not only provide economic comfort, but give us some sort of fulfillment in the process. As we do this, we meet person after person… some we don’t care for so much, some we like and some we even love. We spend time with the people that help us feel connected and relevant. In a very plain way, we build a team.

As a firefighter and a photographer, I know the importance of a team. A team enhances and relies upon our physical and mental attributes while shoring up our weaknesses. A team enhances the joy of our victories, internally and naturally consoles defeat and innately stiffens our resole to return to the fight, stronger and better.

Juli and I have the incredible job of photographing couples that are in the process of promising themselves to each other. Swearing to be the other that will be there in love filled moments as well as the tough times that life will inevitably throw into our faces. Chandler and Taylor have a connection that was cultivated in a few extremely difficult moments early in their lives together that tested their ability to progress through the weights of pain and loss.  Through this test they realized that they had fount their other… or their “one.”

Moments captured like the one above, are spontaneous and so real that they give us goosebumps. This particular moment transpired at Bridal Veil Lakes as we finished up the first look and were transitioning to family shots. The hand hold says it all…  I am sure that this couple is going to be more than okay, they are going to thrive!

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Portrait of a wedding party by the Portland Art Museum


Tenley and Adam were recently married at The Leftbank Annex in Portland but wanted the opportunity to capture some portraits downtown with their wedding party.  One of my favorite locations for wedding party portraits is by the Portland Art Museum.  The location offers a number of unique backdrops in a relatively small area enabling a lot of different type of portraits to be captured.  There is the museum itself, the Portland Park Blocks. the Schnitz, and the iconic Portland sign.  All of these locations are easily within walking distance to each other.

With 8 groomsmen and 8 bridesmaids, I knew I needed a location with a nice clean background without any distracting elements.  The glass wall along the side of the museum made the perfect location for a wedding party portrait of this size.  The color of the frosted glass harmonizes nicely with the color palette of the wedding party as well.

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Crater Lake Elopement

Heidi and Sofia danced quietly under the light of the moon, standing on Discovery Point above Crater Lake.  They said their vows in front of a small group of family, blue water glowing brightly behind them.  They had a magical evening picnic, with fruit and Equadorian ceviche and cheese and wine and cake.  Then we went exploring and portrait-taking, driving around to see the sun setting, eventually coming back to Discovery Point where they’d pledged their vows.

My heart was full of love and the moon and the evening glow, along with two very special women who fit so very well together.

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