Us Against The World ©juliana patrick photography juliana patrick photography 5033.318.5160

Us Against The World ©juliana patrick photography
juliana patrick photography 5033.318.5160

Us Against the World

Chandler and Taylor have a connection. They have a history. Why is that so important?

Life is crazy, unpredictable and at times, confusing. We work hard to carve out a spot for ourselves that will not only provide economic comfort, but give us some sort of fulfillment in the process. As we do this, we meet person after person… some we don’t care for so much, some we like and some we even love. We spend time with the people that help us feel connected and relevant. In a very plain way, we build a team.

As a firefighter and a photographer, I know the importance of a team. A team enhances and relies upon our physical and mental attributes while shoring up our weaknesses. A team enhances the joy of our victories, internally and naturally consoles defeat and innately stiffens our resole to return to the fight, stronger and better.

Juli and I have the incredible job of photographing couples that are in the process of promising themselves to each other. Swearing to be the other that will be there in love filled moments as well as the tough times that life will inevitably throw into our faces. Chandler and Taylor have a connection that was cultivated in a few extremely difficult moments early in their lives together that tested their ability to progress through the weights of pain and loss.  Through this test they realized that they had fount their other… or their “one.”

Moments captured like the one above, are spontaneous and so real that they give us goosebumps. This particular moment transpired at Bridal Veil Lakes as we finished up the first look and were transitioning to family shots. The hand hold says it all…  I am sure that this couple is going to be more than okay, they are going to thrive!

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Portrait of a wedding party by the Portland Art Museum


Tenley and Adam were recently married at The Leftbank Annex in Portland but wanted the opportunity to capture some portraits downtown with their wedding party.  One of my favorite locations for wedding party portraits is by the Portland Art Museum.  The location offers a number of unique backdrops in a relatively small area enabling a lot of different type of portraits to be captured.  There is the museum itself, the Portland Park Blocks. the Schnitz, and the iconic Portland sign.  All of these locations are easily within walking distance to each other.

With 8 groomsmen and 8 bridesmaids, I knew I needed a location with a nice clean background without any distracting elements.  The glass wall along the side of the museum made the perfect location for a wedding party portrait of this size.  The color of the frosted glass harmonizes nicely with the color palette of the wedding party as well.

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Crater Lake Elopement

Heidi and Sofia danced quietly under the light of the moon, standing on Discovery Point above Crater Lake.  They said their vows in front of a small group of family, blue water glowing brightly behind them.  They had a magical evening picnic, with fruit and Equadorian ceviche and cheese and wine and cake.  Then we went exploring and portrait-taking, driving around to see the sun setting, eventually coming back to Discovery Point where they’d pledged their vows.

My heart was full of love and the moon and the evening glow, along with two very special women who fit so very well together.

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Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

We were photographing Cheryl and Dean’s wedding at Leach Botanical Gardens, when we noticed the sun filtering down through the trees overhead. The light was also bouncing off the side of the White House, perfectly lighting up our bride and groom. Just as we set them up for a portrait, the caterers opened the BBQ in the background and smoke filled the air, creating this awesome look. Talk about a perfect storm! To see more images from this wedding, visit a sneak peek album on Facebook.

A Bridal Veil Lakes Kiss ©juliana patrick photography juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160

Chandler and Taylor’s Reflection at Bridal Veil Lakes on their wedding day ©juliana patrick photography
juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160


Reflection at Bridal Veil Lakes – Reflecting on the past and seeing the future.

Catching Chandler and Taylor’s reflection at Bridal Veil Lakes brought back some fond memories for us.  This past month we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and it always warms our hearts to have the opportunity to photograph at Bridal Veil Lakes where we were married.  Chandler and Taylor’s wedding at Bridal Veil was awesome.  They are a beautiful couple and it was an honor to get to know the measure and depth of their love. Hopefully in 11 years they too will be able to reflect on their wonderful wedding day through the imagery we captured.  Such a magical place Bridal Veil Lakes is!  Congratulations, Chandler & Taylor!  Thank you for sharing your lives with us!

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The Portland Rose Garden is a wonderful location for wedding day portraits.  After Karen and Andrew were married in the Gold Medal Rose Garden, we scheduled a period of time to capture portraits throughout the property.  There are an endless number of roses, a modern sculpture, beautiful stairways, and a number of unique settings and locations to feast the yes.  This archway of pink roses was one of my favorite finds within the Portland Rose Garden for a cute photo of the newlywed couple sharing a kiss.

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Anna and her wife, Elizabeth, came to pick up their wedding album today. The cover, a rich teal blue leather, will really fit in with their art filled house. These two worked closely with me to plan their book… the hardest part was the choosing of the images to use. From there, the layouts went through a few revisions before we were all satisfied. As they opened the album, I was very pleased to see the reactions across my table. In a much earlier meeting, I remember them saying that even though the images look nice on a computer screen, it’s not the same as sitting next to your love on a comfortable couch… turning the pages together.

Some photographers do everything for you in the design process. They choose the images and put it all together and serve it up… maybe not super personal but easy and ready to go. I’m sure that can be a good thing in many ways but I prefer to tailor the album to fit my couples. I’m always pleasantly surprised to see that some of my quirkier shots were included… images that really caught something emotionally true in their crowd. If a wedding album can make you laugh and cry and remember wonderful things, then I have done a good job.

This couple was groovin’ from a seated position… the baby, almost due, probably enjoyed the dance! ;0)

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Ken & Jeff, enjoying the view near Oswald West State Park, on a craggy, quiet overlook to the sea.  Despite a busy weekend on the coast, this place was relatively untouched and unvisited, except for us.

These two stole my heart from the moment we met, and I just finished photographing their wedding about a week ago.  They’ve been together for over a decade, and have found this beautiful peace in each other’s company.  It’s easy, and simple, and oh-so-perfect.  I love seeing people fit together like this, a relationship built on understanding and respect and two lives woven together so tightly that you can’t imagine them any other way.

Congratulations, Ken & Jeff, on a marriage so hard-fought and so well deserved.

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A Walk In The Woods at Silver Falls State Park, Silverton, Oregon Nichole and Adam© juliana patrick photography juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160

A Walk In The Woods at Silver Falls State Park, Silverton, Oregon Nichole and Adam © juliana patrick photography
juliana patrick photography      503.318.5160


We spent the day with Adam & Nichole walking in the woods at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon.  We had so much fun with these lovebirds who are tying the knot this weekend that we just had to share!  The natural love and affection they display for each other is infectious.  These two love the outdoors, so planning their lifestyle engagement session in the woods was an obvious choice for them!  We love our couples to be connected to their environment as we feel their imagery is so much more meaningful!  We could have envisioned an elaborate portrait session turned stylized shoot with a cupid theme… playing on the fact that they are both avid archers. However, when you get to know them, we know the imagery that will speak to them more would be them being their natural selves in their most comfortable environment.  Thank you, Adam and Nichole for being your awesome selves and spending a day playing in the falls and in the woods with us!  We can’t wait to capture your big day this weekend!

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Cassondra and Reece had set up a space for a DIY PhotoBooth in the yard behind the reception hall. He had a nice little Nikon with a remote control… it was going to be on a tripod in front of a beachy backdrop. There were silly props galore! Considering that the crowd was full of extroverts, the stage was set!.

After the ceremony on the beach, the guests came in waves as the shuttle dropped them off. Pretty much everyone made a beeline for the beer taps on the back deck. Reece had made several different types of beer… he must be pretty darn good at it… there were lots of smiles and no complaints.

Besides the PhotoBooth and the beer, DIY ruled the day from the decorations to the food… maybe the only things not made or brought by a participant were the plates and glasses. It gave the whole day a very personal feel and that is always a win.

So, this silly picture made me happy. I was waiting for their camera to be set up and these crazy-wonderful bridesmaids started to goof around in front of the backdrop. I got to catch this instead of leaving it to the luck of the remote.

Weddings are a lot of fun if the ingredients are right!
Jamie Bosworth Photographer


You’ve probably heard it a million times — “Every wedding is unique.”  Well, it is very true.  However, some weddings are more unique than others and those are the ones I always love to share.

Karen and Andrew flew in from California to celebrate their wedding here in Portland, OR.  They chose the Portland Rose Garden for the location of their ceremony and held a very intimate wedding reception out on the patio at Bernie’s Southern Bistro.  One of the best parts of their wedding day was that they were surrounded by just their immediate family members.  And while many couples hire a wedding photographer to capture their entire day from start to finish, Karen and Andrew chose to have just a 3 hour period of time captured during their day.  It included their wedding ceremony at the Portland Rose Garden, a full 45 minutes of portraits captured throughout the garden, and some time spent with the family at the restaurant.  We were able to capture toasts as well as the cake cutting.

I absolutely loved the simplicity of Karen and Andrew’s wedding day.  There was no stress, no frantic energy, and lots of relaxing time spent with family.  I felt like this image of the two of them spending time together in the garden really captured the sentiment of their day.

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