Bride and groom depart their wedding day in a limo

Something to consider when planning your wedding day is the type of transportation you will use to transport yourself and guests to and from the wedding.  Make sure to not forget your final departure from the event as well.  There are a number of options to consider from limousines and buses to pedicabs and classic cars.  Whether it is to transport you and guests between the ceremony and the reception or to send you off at the end of the evening, make sure to choose the right mode of transportation for you.

And if your wedding photographer is daring enough, you might even capture some fun moments of the experience as well.  Check out more of our work at Paul Rich Studio.  And for those of you who are planning a truly unique honeymoon, check out our latest concept in travel vacation photography.


Stephanie and Joe flew out from Louisiana to host a tiny wedding in the Columbia River Gorge.  Surrounded by about 20 of their family members and best friends, the wind playfully blew through the ceremony on a cliff overlooking the river.  We paused for a long celebratory lunch in Hood River, before I headed out with the bride and groom on an evening portrait adventure.

First, we stopped at a waterfall, where they took of their shoes and stood under the misty rain of the summer falls.  Then we returned to the site of their ceremony, which had gone all blue and gold in the sunset light.  I LOVE this photo of them, the moon just behind, and the magical light of evening blasting across from the mountains.

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Aralani Photography – Tiny Weddings and Adventurous Elopements


The Nines Hotel was the elegant backdrop to a well planned and beautifully executed wedding for Tiffany and Jon. These two poured their hearts into the planning and they hired good people to make sure it worked.

Many couples put a great deal of worry and angst into putting a wedding together… there are lots of “rules”, it seems. One of those is that so much of your photography needs to be staged so that it’s just right. Hah! I say. Sure, pose the family groups and take some special time with the romantic portraits but beyond that, wouldn’t you like to live your wedding day? To be in it together?


A good photographer will be able to bring home all of the unscripted pieces… the real life fun, the flurry of emotions and all of the little bits that you may remember only after seeing the photographs. It’s the one drawback of being the center of attention… you really do miss parts of the day. If you are fully engaged in your wedding, the pictures will bring it all home for you.


It’s been a gas getting to know these two… they tease the best out of each other and that was on display at the reception. They have Corgis I haven’t met yet but I do feel like a part of the family already. ;0)



Kudos to the Nines Hotel for the high level of service and none of this would have worked without Molli at Soiree… she is one of Portland’s finest event planners!
Francoise Weeks was the floral designer… her style is legendary.

If you are getting married soon, make your plans and be sure to include some room for unscripted fun… it will make all the difference.
Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Deyla Huss Photography Portland Wedding PhotographerCourtney and Kevin had a lovely ceremony at the gorgeous Peninsula Park in Portland and during the perfect time for the rose garden to be in full bloom, the smell was amazing, truly! I met Courtney over at an adorable Air BnB in Portland where she got ready with her mom and sister. Courtney’s dress from Anthropologie was so perfect for her, as well as her very delicate bridal hair accessory also from Anthropologie. I LOVED Courtney’s bridal bouquet! the oranges, pinks and peach colors were a perfect blend.

Their wedding was so personal to them, they had their close friend officiate and their closest friends and family join them to celebrate.  After the ceremony, we went to Plaza Del Toro where they had their reception. Courtney has a calm and cool way about her making everyone around her feel important and it was so nice to see how she and Kevin gave each of their guests individual attention to show them how special they are. Because the night is young and they did not have a traditional first dance, they moved the party to a downtown Portland 90’s dance club called Jones Bar! What a blast! In true Courtney and Kevin fashion, this evening was off with a bang and everyone got on the dance floor!

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Peninsula Park Wedding Deyla Huss PhotographyPlaza Del Toro Wedding Deyla Huss Photography

Plaza Del Toro Wedding

Plaza Del Toro Wedding www.deylahussphotography.comDEY_5900DEY_5862

Portland New Years Eve Wedding

“Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is
to live as if there were none.”
– Albert Einstein

Celebrating the end of 2016 at the Ace Hotel was amazing. We moved between The Cleaners and Clyde Common for the ceremony and reception. It was incredibly well organized by SueBlue Events Website.

We had such a great time! Atelier Pictures Website, Photography and Videography

Portland New Years Eve WeddingPortland New Years Eve Wedding


One of the best things about this job is the chance to look back, to look in the rear view mirror. Many of my wedding clients go on to make scrumptious families and I get to watch them grow. It’s a slow process and if I work with someone fairly often, it isn’t as evident to me until I start putting pictures from the different times side by side.

Stephanie and Lee have been a favorite couple of mine… there is such an easy grace to their relationship. I saw it on the wedding day and in the planning beforehand and it continues as they raise their two rambunctious daughters.


The first one laid the groundwork for a couple of years before the second one came along. This latest session was a fine example of fully present parents and charming children with just enough wild in them to make life good.


If you haven’t considered keeping your favorite photographer on hand to document your family every now and then, you might want to think about it. Every photographer in the My Portland Photographer group does beautiful work and it’s not always weddings. I know we have been wedding-centric since we started this blog in 2009 but in 2017, we are going to be posting some of our other work here, too. Families and babies, sure, but we also do head shots and senior portraits and the like. People photography. ;0)

Onward to the New Year… it’s time to leave 2016 in the rear view mirror!
Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Sarah and Tom started their wedding day on their family’s land near Salem, with a beautiful ceremony under the tall trees strung with lights and fabric and chandeliers near the house.  A handful of their closest family witnessed.  After their vows and lots of hugs were exchanged, we hopped into the car and drove out to Henline Falls and the Opal Creek Wilderness for a hike and photo adventure.

The path to Henline Falls was framed with golden trees and autumn color everywhere.  At the waterfall, recent rain made for a thundering cascade and blowing mist.  I love how Sarah’s veil and dress is blown by the gusting wind coming off the water as it tumbles down.  I also pulled out my GoPro for some half-underwater shots, and the one below makes me grin–their faces perfectly tell about the COLD COLD water!



Kristen and Spencer had a gorgeous wedding at Portland’s Leftbank Annex but started off at the lovely Sentinel Hotel downtown Portland. Elizabeth from Bridal Bliss did a Phenomenal job as always and I was honored to get connected with these two because they are seriously two of the sweetest people and so FUN! I loved their wedding colors, rich and delicious jewel tones set the mood and it was beautifully placed throughout. Her Bouquet!! holy moly, seriously Bella Bloom outdid themselves! We headed down to the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade to get some portraits and when we were headed back to Leftbank Annex, why not stop and grab a coffee nearby! One of the many reasons I adore them both, so chill and are down for anything. Our weather was forecasted to be pretty nasty that day, but that did not let these two LA residents from enjoying every minute of it and taking it as it comes, and fortunately it turned out to be a gorgeous day anyways! Did I mention how funny they are, they brought a life-size cardboard cutout of them and placed it overlooking everyone below, and yes this was brought down later in them middle of the dance floor for some fun!



Allison and Lisa have been planning to get married in the summer of 2017 but when the political climate made a drastic change back in November, the couple opted to move things along and plan a wedding within 3 weeks.  With a tight timeline of getting married before the end of the year, Allison and Lisa immediately got to work.  I am fortunate enough to know Lisa through her business Pounce Play and Stay.  Her deluxe cat hotel is located next door to The Bridal Loft, where we had maintained our photography studio for over 6 years.

So, it was a unique honor to have the opportunity to capture Allison & Lisa’s wedding day celebration.  They were surrounded by their closest friends and family members as they exchanged their vows in a park that was walking distance from their home.  Everyone gathered around for the very intimate ceremony.

We captured portraits with everyone present and encouraged all the guests to head back to the house to warm up and enjoy some food and drinks.  I spent some additional time with just Allison and Lisa and captured this fun portrait of them in the park.  Given the time of year, it was the perfect setup for a portrait of them together.  How exciting that they get to enjoy the holidays this year as newlyweds!

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It was a late September Friday at Portland’s Multnomah Courthouse. Downtown was all twisted up with protestors of many stripes… it was starting to get kind of aggressive so we decided against doing the family pictures in the park. Security let us in a little early and after we all got through the metal detectors and got our shoes back on, we headed upstairs with permission to shoot our groups in the hallways. There was a marble staircase with interesting light … wide enough to pose the full crowd of about twenty and, of course, smaller versions per family.


These families were full of mischief and it all started coming out after we had finished our more typical group poses. At every turn, there was someone else with a glint in the eye begging new pictures. I’m sure we were laughing too loudly during parts of this.
This is Scott’s brother, the Ringman… you can tell how shy he is.


Lucile’s Dad is French. He was carrying a large camera and he and I managed to compare gear without another common language… that was fun!

Then their judge called them in to get married… this lovely little parade danced and laughed down the hallway… so many smiles!


Courthouse weddings can be a trial unless you can bring an open mind to the whole thing. At the end of the day, two lovers get married in a sometimes sterile environment… I think it’s up to everyone to bring a true heart to the day. That’s when the good stuff happens.

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


On a glorious late-summer afternoon at Gorge Crest Vinyards, Jennifer and Chris joined with their friends and family for a spirited celebration of their marriage.  Jenny stunned us all in her sleek wedding gown, and Chris looked oh-so-dapper in his black tux and wingtip shoes.  Mt. Hood stood out across the valley, beautiful clouds gathering as the afternoon went on.

Red, gold and ivory accents jumped out from the surrounding greenery.  Their cake, covered in red roses, accompanied pie for the ultimate dessert table.  The bridesmaids wore flowing red dresses, and the groomsmen wore red ties.  Seldom have I encountered such elegance at an outdoor wedding–Jenny did an incredible job of bringing all her details together.

There was so much laughter through the day, and I loved capturing their families and friends chatting over wine and amazing food as the sun sank into twilight.  The toasts were both funny and incredibly touching.  I left with a full heart and a face that hurt from smiling.



Bride and groom celebrating their wedding day at the Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland, OR

We absolutely love photographing weddings at the Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland, OR.  There are a number of locations throughout the hotel to host your wedding ceremony and reception and they all have their own personality and style.  Christina & Ian chose the Billiard Room for their wedding ceremony and the Governor Ballroom for their wedding reception.  They hosted one of the liveliest most active wedding receptions of all time so it was only fitting to capture a large group photo of the couple surrounded by all their wedding guests.

Typically a large group portrait like this is captured immediately following the ceremony but due to the logistics of the day, waiting until the wedding reception made more sense.  Thanks to the assistance of Cindy and her team with Encore Events, we were able to capture this image in record time.  A ladder was brought out onto a stage area as guests gathered around the couple.  We quickly captured the image and Eric with All Wright Music immediately had everyone up on the dance floor to kick the celebrations into high gear.  And the party and celebration went well into the evening.  It was definitely the party of the year.

To see more of our work, please check out Paul Rich Studio.  We take great pride in assisting couples plan for their wedding day and are eager to share tips and tricks on how best to maximize your investment in a wedding photographer.