Oregon Wedding Portraits – Always Have a Plan B

  July through October are historically the safest months to plan for outdoor wedding pictures here in the Northwest.   Chances are you and your love, family, and wedding party will have the opportunity to be photographed in a beautiful vineyard, in the shadow of Mt. Hood, surrounded my the breath-taking scenery of The Columbia River Gorge,  or in any of Portland’s lush and unique parks.  Mind you, I said “chances are” because we all know Northwest Weather doesn’t always pay attention to the calendar.

Although Sarah and Darius planned an intimate ceremony and dinner party for their guests at the Aquariva Italian Kitchen, our plans included a leisurely stroll and photo session along the South Waterfront District.    That plan was squashed when one of the largest rainstorms in recent history rolled through the Portland area that late September weekend.    With priorities in check (after all, the rain was not going to stop the wedding, right?) we had free run of the building and were treated to some stunning wrap around light through the restaurant’s windows.  And despite the  wind and rain, we were able to find a bit of cover outside the restaurant.   As you can see by her hair, we had some wind whipping through, but the couple stayed dry for the festivities.

If your planning an outdoor wedding in the Northwest, it just makes sense to plan ahead for uncooperative weather.   Your venue should have back up options, or consult your wedding planner for fun, and often cost effective rain plans.  An experienced, professional photographer should have the eye for alternative locations that will still result in beautiful portraits that you will treasure.

And chances are, it won’t rain.  And if it rains, you’ll still have the wedding of your dreams, because you’re marrying the love of your life.


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