Oh, For a Summer’s Day!

Ashlee, just married, stepped out of her shoes on the edge of the Lewis River… her sweet husband had to sit to take his shoes off. Micha is a fisherman and he wanted, more than almost anything, to take some time down on the river after the ceremony. He rolled up his pants legs and waded in while Ashlee wandered the shore a little ways off… he was looking for skipping stones and she was cooling her toes in the shallows. We could hear the party on the hill above us… Lewis River Golf Course is a special venue for summer weddings… there is a patio bordering the river and a nice garden space for outdoor ceremonies. They have managed to keep the golf course separate from the wedding spaces and that makes it a good venue for a relaxed and private country club experience.

We didn’t stay on the river too long but the images we have from that part of the day will be on hand in the years to come… reminding Ashlee and Micha how very young and happy they were this summer day.

Jamie Bosworth Photographer… ready and willing to engage. ;0)