No Detail is too Small

When it comes to wedding photographers, it’s often said we have to be a portrait photographer, photojournalist, commercial photographer, and therapist. Yep, that’s all true! But this post is about being a product photographer, also known as a commercial photographer. Wedding blogs are filled with all the details that the couple chose, so now our couples all want their details photographed just as well. No detail is too small for us. We want to document every aspect of your day. If your florist attached your grandmother’s special brooch to your bouquet, chances are we’ll photograph it anyway. But tell us how important it is to you and make a note of it to make sure. We love hearing the stories behind your choices as that’s what makes details meaningful instead of just pretty!

Casey made sure there was plenty of time before her first look for getting ready photos. She also got ready in a different room than the rest of the bridal party, so we had plenty of space to lay out her beautiful bridal accessories and take some fun photos of them.

Check out Turn Loose the Art if you’re looking for a photographer that cares about the little parts of your day just as much as the big parts!