Multnomah Falls Engagement Session


Katelynn & Francisco contacted us requesting to have an engagement session captured in the Columbia Gorge.  They wanted images captured of them hiking among some of the waterfalls that line the Historic Columbia Gorge Highway.

We did some research and planned to start at Horsetail Falls, work our way toward the iconic Multnomah Falls, and conclude the session at sunset at the Vista House at Crown Point.  Our choice of locations and timing were absolutely perfect that day, hitting each key location at precisely the right time.  What we didn’t account for however, were the large crowds of visitors enjoying each of the parks and waterfalls as well.  The weather that day was absolutely superb and travelers from near and far ventured out into the Columbia Gorge to enjoy its inherent beauty.

Katelynn & Francisco were very much wanting a portrait along the bridge at Multnomah Falls.  I stayed down below to capture this dramatic angle while the couple worked their way up to the bridge (along with a whole slew of guests).  There was absolutely no break in activity with many guests hanging out on the bridge taking in the beautiful sights.  So, I made sure to photograph them in such a way that I could Photoshop out the crowd, thus producing the very image Katelynn & Francisco had envisioned.

When looking at this image, you see a very quiet peaceful moment between the couple.  When you look at the original photo, you see an entirely different experience and the difference between the two is nothing short of amazing.  Treat yourself by heading over to the Paul Rich Studio Blog to see the before and after versions of the making of this photograph.  Prepare to be amazed.