Mt. Hood Wedding

 Now very few times do you see the title Mt. Hood Wedding and the wedding was actually on Mt. Hood.  I find most of the time people are searching for a venue with a grand view of Mt. Hood and here it is just across the street from The Historic Balch Hotel.  We got lucky in that we found a field with an opening in the fence just a quick drive down the road and across the street.  When the sun began to go down we all just grabbed the moment and had a lot of fun getting some cool shots with the light and the backdrop.  A good thing to think about on your wedding day is if you have a wonderful vantage point that is really magnificent, as the light comes down or the city lights come on-make time for it.  You don’t need to set aside a lot of time, in fact quite often 15 minutes is enough to grab some great images and then get right back to your party and your friends.  Either way seize the moment and relish and enjoy your day.

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  • Lois Ann Sharpe

    Oh- this is a lovely photo of two very special people. Thanks David!