I Believe in Love


People like Brittany and Tyler are why I believe in weddings.  Weddings are so important.  And definitely not just as an excuse to throw a party with amazing food and dancing until your feet are sore–but because of love.

Really, I photograph weddings because I believe in love.

Love is all in the small things.  The way Brittany couldn’t hold back tears as she walked down the aisle.  The nervous but insanely-happy grin on Tyler’s face as he saw her walking toward him.  The way they clutched each other’s hands, in the way you can only hold someone you’ve been through things with.  The unguarded, utterly vulnerable smiles as we spent quiet time in the garden together, enjoying the sunset and telling a story that’s utterly them.    But beyond all that?  Beyond Day One?

I see them growing old together.  I see him carefully picking out Christmas presents for her, and them plotting adventures they’ll share.  I see the care she has for him, the way he quietly takes care of things and makes her happy.  The way they love each other with their actions, words, thoughts and movements.

This is why I love telling these stories.  They’re so desperately important–grandchildren and nieces and nephews and friends and family should all know this love story.  We need to remember where we started, and why, and get to revisit these magical days in exquisite detail.


For more of their beautiful Day One at the McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in July, visit the blog post here.  

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