Making Details Fun

Making Details FunJust about every wedding we photograph has some level of attention that has been invested into details that will never be seen again. Flower arrangements, table decorations, place cards, the wedding cake (which, as delicious as it is, we all know is just as much about the beauty as the flavor)…. they’ve all taken time and care and money for pure day-of enjoyment. As part of setting the scene, we take time to photograph all of these things so that the pleasure derived from them can last for years. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have access to details that are a little more fluid than place settings and centerpieces – in the case above, homemade gifts from the bride for her bridesmaids: purses made out of old hardback novels. Instead of photographing them without any representation of the enjoyment they would bring, we decided to infuse a little life into these detail shots. The result is a photograph that will remind the bride not only of the time she put into the result, but will forever convey their happiness and enjoyment of them. Whenever we can, we try to infuse emotion into our photography, as it’s the feelings that will make it timeless.

Mhari Scott Photography