Make it Personal

When designing your wedding details, don’t ever be afraid to be personal.  If there is something that you, your fiancé or your family enjoys or is really good at, your guests will be delighted by the display of your abilities and interests.  It also will make your wedding and venue entirely your own!

Kristina & Bryan were married at the Langdon Farms Golf Club in Aurora, Oregon in early July.  Bryan stunned us all with his gorgeous wedding arch made of railroad ties.  Kristina decked it out in dozens of hanging ribbons that fluttered in the late-afternoon breeze.  I loved how they combined their individual skills to make this rugged and elegant piece of art–something entirely unique that made for the perfect backdrop for their ceremony.

Whether it’s a custom wedding arch, cake toppers, handmade jewelry, flowers your mother designed for you, a table with personal tributes to family members who couldn’t come, riding away on horseback, including your dog, or even a special dance or entertainment piece, the more of your personalities you pour into your wedding, the more memorable and fun it will be for everyone.

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