Macro Wedding Photography

Using elements from other wedding details, such as this bouquet, showcases wedding rings. © juliana patrick photography 2014 - all rights reserved

© juliana patrick photography 2015


Macro Wedding Photography

I have always been drawn to macro.  I started hunting with my camera in the woods with my dad as a child and have always enjoyed taking time and to really see what is around me.  Sometimes this was looking big, across a valley where the forest met a mountainside or sometimes it was looking small. Seeing the personality and angles of a world that often goes unnoticed by the conscious mind. It is extremely fulfilling for me to work in this macro space as I feel that these small shapes and designs can carry such an impactful messages.  My beginning with macro nature photography definitely can be seen in our body of work.  I have always been drawn to clean backgrounds without too much distraction so the subject can be seen in the purest of settings.  Hours upon hours spent in critiques in art school searching for strong composition, evaluating key elements such as negative space and complimentary colors forever etched in my brain.  Seeing these tendrils in the brides bouquet was very exciting to me and looked to be a perfect way to show the couples rings amidst the natural shapes and colors they chose for the bouquet.  I love the repetitive shapes with the rings and the tendrils and the colors of green in the bouquet complimenting the stones in her ring.  – combining 2 important elements from their day to better tell their story.


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