Love on the Wing


Maribelle and Anthony are getting married later this year in the Philippines… she called me to see if we could do something in an engagement session with a vintage mood… a little traveling flavor added to the mix.
We brainstormed a little over the phone and then I called the nice people at the Pearson Air Museum at Fort Vancouver… they were very helpful. With a little planning, we were able to use the spaces to the best advantage in a small time window.

They came in suitable dress and we spent a couple of hours around the airfield and Officer’s Row… the light was great and they were about as in love as anyone can be… you gotta love that!

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Jamie Bosworth Photographer

Thanks, all of you… it was a rather special deal… nice people with a sweet sense of each other.
It never hurts to have a good idea going in.

Gorgeous, Jamie! Love the colors in this image and I love their outfits!

Isn’t it great when couples put so much of themselves into a shoot like this? I love his attitude and her elegance. Very timeless and old world charm feel. I’d like to see a BW vintage version of this image…

What an awesome spot!! I am totally jealous. :) Beautiful shot!