A Window on Weddings!

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer---MPP112414Weddings are about one thing and many things all at the same time. The obvious and most defined thing is the joining together of two lives in marriage. But the other things that come into play are all the emotions and interplay of family relationships. And, then of course, there are the details of the day itself. The overall look and feel of a wedding – particularly one that is more of a DIY affair – is a direct reflection of the tastes and personalities of the couple. In the case of Kyndell and Todd’s wedding at a private home in Lake Oswego, Oregon, this past fall, their low-key, intimate wedding was a reflection of their easy-going, mellow approach to life. They wanted a small wedding, surrounded by the people they have known the longest. To capture that, I thought it was important to get an overall photo that said “small wedding, outdoor dinner and private home.” The overall photo on the right is what I found to communicate those ideas. The photo of the ducks on the left was a serendipitous moment that added humor and the “awwwww” factor to the photos. And it ended up fitting well as Todd is a very humorous man and laughter and lightness are two things Kyndell and Todd share and appreciate. When shooting a wedding, I work hard to understand what the visuals mean and capturing images that tell the viewer about who the couple is and how the evening feels. That way, when the bride and the groom and their family and friends look at the wedding photos, they not only know what happened, they can re-live the feelings and emotions that ran through them on this most important of days. To see more windows on weddings, check out