To look or not to look…That is the question

PLanning your First Look at your wedding Deyla Huss PhotographyI’m sure this is going to sound like a broken record or maybe not, but I do get this question a lot, “What is a first look?”


A first look is planned before the ceremony, and usually before any family formal portraits are photographed. Typically the first look is a private moment between the couple but sometimes the couple will welcome a viewing of their first look, sometimes even the mom will bring the bride out to see her soon-to-be spouse for the first time.  Ofcourse this is NOT what you have to do, but here is why I think it helps streamline the day a bit easier for you:

*You get all the nervous jitters out before the ceremony, to make for a more comfortable and relaxing breeze down the aisle.

* You get a private moment with your partner, because you probably won’t the rest of the day.

* You and your partner will have all of your “formals” finished before so that you can just enjoy your party and not worry about the logistics. This is also a great time to have your family formals photographed after you and your spouse have yours so it doesn’t take time away from your reception or cocktail hour.

*Its a totally different reaction and feeling when you see your partner for the first time in private vs. coming down the aisle, your emotions are slightly different in private 😉

If you decide to NOT see one another before the ceremony, here are a couple of things to think about when planning your day:

*Make sure to plan enough time after your ceremony for photos, sometimes after the ceremony, you and for partner may feel a bit rushed because you want to get this party started and mingle with your guests, so keep that in mind.

*Cocktail hour is a great time to plan for photos and save a few moments for some sunset shots of just you and your spouse during your reception.

*You may want to coordinate with your DJ or MC on when you will be finished with photos, so that they can plan your entrance to your reception.

OFCOURSE seeing one another for the first time walking down the aisle during your ceremony is JUST as special and beautiful and is one of my favorite moments to photograph. So you see, it is just what your preference is, there are no rules, so truly think about what you and for partner would like, not what the “hand-book” may tell you. I hope this helps.

And if you need help planning your timeline out, just ask, we are always happy to help with that!

Cheers! Deyla Huss Photography