Letting Details Tell the Story

same sex wedding details with david hart nyc sports coatsAs wedding photographs often like to say, we’re a little bit of everything. We are portrait photographers when we create family heirloom photographs, bridal portraits. We are photojournalists at many, many parts of the day when we observe your now-husband’s father lean in closely to his wife while witnessing a moving toast in the evening and lifting our cameras at just the right moment. We are food photographers when we photograph those tray-passed appetizers at cocktail hour, commercial photographers when we photograph your rings or that “something borrowed” vintage bracelet of your grandmothers. We’re so very often coordinators, corralling the people and things necessary to make this happen. We’re fashion photographers when you want a little extra for some outstanding couple portraits. We’re landscape photographers when you’ve chosen a venue with a vista that just aches for golden sunlight.

Most of all though, we’re storytellers. And hopefully, maybe that encompasses everything I’ve just said all at the same time. We’re always looking for the elusive frame that says everything at once. Sometimes it’s a simple photo like this one that shows the time spent poring over the perfect way for two grooms to make a joint statement about style, a simple photo that also shows the charm of the rustic Napa Valley wedding venue to which they flew across many states to visit. Sometimes it’s just as simple as stepping back and letting details tell the story. Especially if it’s a story like Jerry and Jacob’s.