Let’s Hear It for the Dogs!

dogs at weddings

Man’s best friend. The warm body on the couch with you. Your last relic from the pre-relationship status. Or maybe your first joint commitment together? Whatever the origin, it’s no surprise that many of today’s modern couples love their canine friends. And when it comes to planning their wedding it seems a bit wrong to exclude such an important part of their lives. So let’s hear it for the dogs and maybe even more so, let’s hear it for the wedding venues that understand how great a dog can be at a wedding!

Lucy is Holly and Stephen’s bulldog. They bought her a tutu and special wedding collar all for the big day. And despite their planning a September wedding, it was a warm day and just too hot for Lucy to be a part of the whole celebration. We still squeezed Lucy into her wedding tutu for the official “first family photo” of her with Holly and Stephen before allowing her to retire to the air conditioning for the rest of the day while we enjoyed an incredible fall sunset. If you’d like to see more of the autumn backyard wedding Stephen and Holly planned, head on over to their blog feature.