Laurelhurst Style


Wedding Style.  Laurelhurst Style.

If you are from Portland, you know these Iconic stairs…undoubtedly one of Portland’s coolest stair cases.   Not only is it popular for runners, but somehow you seem to be drawn to it…and if you aren’t a photographer, you may not realize why.  Have  you noticed the large Rhododendrons that filter the light into a narrow path… allowing the light to drop off to darkened perfection? These are the things we notice and what we look for when we look for ideal locations to photograph.  We are talking gorgeous and beautiful light will make you and your significant other look great and stand out perfectly from the background!  When shooting a wedding, or anything for that matter, textures add personality and grit to an images story.  Seeing the light and textures and knowing where to place our couples into backdrops that fit their personalities is a task that excites us.  Every time we take a walk with our couples we find something that inspires us… whether a massive perfectly lit stair way or a isolated beam of sunlight between two trees. Complex or simple… it is all beautiful.  If you want unique imagery, allow yourselves the time to explore with your photographer and create impactful imagery together.

This image is from Tiffany and Andrew’s wedding at Laurelhurst Club.  They knew they really wanted images across the street in  Laurelhurst Park and knew those iconic stairs were ones that would be a part of their day.  This image is all about the style of the couple.  From the vintage textures of the dress and the wooden flower bouquet to the simple chain attaching the grooms outer vest. The light illuminates the Emerald wedding ring and the light is falling top to bottom giving the couples clothing features direction and definition!

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