The Lovely Ladies of Langdon Farms

Langdon Farms Wedding

Langdon Farms is one of my favorite venues in the Portland area.  It’s a beautiful space, from the Red Shed to the ceremony lawn, and from the birch path to the greens.  There are multiple barns and a gorgeous pond that perfectly reflects the sunset.  I can’t ever run out of options for great places to take photos, and the weather makes everything radically different.

This image is from Sofie and Derek’s August wedding.  Sofie is fantastic–her taste in color and detail is excellent.  I love her flowers, her dress, and the beautiful shade of blue she put her bridesmaids in.  They all look so marvelous on this sunny afternoon on the birch path, all jaunty in their pretty dresses and tan wedges.  Later, she and Derek went out with me at sunset to explore the golf greens, and we stopped by the weeping willow and pond.  They danced the night away in the Red Shed under a beautiful moon.

If you’re looking for a pretty country club setting with marvelous surroundings for your wedding, I highly recommend this place.  It’s a glorious little piece of Oregon countryside.

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