Planning your Wedding Day

Ryan and Lisa share a moment amongst the tall grasses at Langdon Farms

Ryan and Lisa share a moment amongst the tall grasses at Langdon Farms – © juliana patrick photography


Planning your wedding day is not an easy task! There are so many pre-existing thoughts, feelings and ideas about how you should spend your time and what you should be doing. Current trends in the wedding market suggest that in order for your wedding day to be meaningful and beautiful, it must consist of certain pre-planned benchmarks and traditional activities. Some examples could be the first look, formal wedding portraits and cutting the cake. These are wonderful ways to express a love story between two people, but for some it may not feel genuine. It is of the up-most importance that you connect with the movements of your day deeply and choose the steps that are taken with present and relevant thought.

Are you the kind of couple that will enjoy a bouquet or garter toss or would you rather have a moment of silence to share in the creative energy and loving emotion of your guests? The most important pit-fall to avoid when planning your wedding day is finding yourselves going through set up movements that you are not only disconnected with but that you are uncomfortable in! You can invent or create ways to enjoy and express your individual love and personalities on your day that you will remember forever. Who knows, maybe you will create the next big tradition!!!

This is a moment shared by Lisa and Ryan at Langdon Farms in August. They hid amongst the long grass, put their backs to the sun and enjoyed each other! It is always an honor to be allowed to see and capture these moments, so to them we say thank you!

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