Lan Su Chinese Garden Wedding


For those of you who know Portland, know that the Lan Su Chinese Garden is absolutely stunning.  It is one of the true gems in downtown Portland and a wonderful location for weddings.  One step inside and you are immediately transported to an entirely different visceral experience.  It is absolutely lovely.

When couples ask for outdoor wedding venue suggestions, it’s a given to include the Lan Su Chinese Garden among the top of the list.

Late in the afternoon, the garden closes to the public and becomes solely available for the wedding day celebration.  Once the garden closed and prior to the guests arriving, Catie, Allen, and I walked throughout the garden for an extremely fun portrait session.  The various paths, walkways, and lush vegetation offer an endless amount of photo opportunities.  Capturing Catie and Allen enjoying some time together on this bridge was among my favorites.

I just love that this image can be created in downtown Portland.  There might be a lot of hustle and bustle of city life just beyond those walls, but inside, it’s nothing but peace, tranquility, and lots and lots of love.

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