Kick Off Your Shoes And Dance!

Kick Off  Your Shoes And Dance!

Kick Off Your Shoes And Dance! © juliana patrick photography              Juliana Patrick Photography – – 503.318.5160

Kick Off Your Shoes And Dance!

You know your celebration is a huge success when your guests kick off their shoes and dance their hearts out!  This is a sign of a good party! Remember to plan time to dance and celebrate with your guests! All of the people that you have invited in some way contributed to you as a person… some guided, others inspired and some just experienced life with you as it happened. Now you have planned the perfect event to attract them under the same roof for one epic night! Get out there with them! Connect and share your joy! This post isn’t necessarily about photography… it’s more just a reminder to enjoy your special night, because your are the epicenter and you deserve it!

This image was at Pure Space in Portland, Oregon. Yes, these shoes are a bit of a tripping hazard, but sometimes you have to free your feet and feel the ground below! Also, dancing in these could lead to quite an ankle sprain! A smart and inspiring move!

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