Just a Glimpse

A glimpse of the bride

Sometimes, all I want is to see just a sliver. Just the moment in its purest, most condensed form. In Jennifer and Chris’s case, it was this one single moment of pure peace and presence on Jennifer’s face. I don’t need the wide view to know they’re getting married…  I don’t even need the other angle to see the way the smile is spreading across Chris’s face. Chris will look at this photograph and remember seeing Jennifer, standing across from him, just like this. She, in turn, will remember how she felt in this very moment. So much from their sunny wedding ceremony is summed up in this one tiny sliver of focus. It’s one of the most magical things a camera can do that our eyes really cannot – isolate and focus on a few inches of space, letting everything else melt away.

It’s the photographer, of course, who will choose what gets focused on. Matching your vision with your photographer’s way of seeing is perhaps the most important part of selecting your wedding photographer – moreso than price, moreso than album options or added perks. Your photographer will determine what you see and much of how you remember your wedding for the next 30, 40, 50 years, so choosing the best match for you is key.

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