Just for the Kiddos

Just for the KiddosMany of our couples in recent years have been making attempts to make their weddings more child-friendly. Many provide little toys or goodies at the child’s place setting, some of them have had special meals catered specifically for the children (like mac & cheese and chicken nuggets), others have had a small play area designated for the kiddos where they can play freely and safely without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of sitting weddings can require. This particular photo is of a sweet mixture of play area and hidden fort that they roped off just for kids. Inside was a half-sized picnic table with toys, markers, coloring paper, snacks and juice boxes. It not only gave them a place in the shade to hang out on a hot day, but it gave them something exceptionally cool to do while the adults milled around and socialized. Within no time, they had claimed the area as their own, staunchly defending the “Kids Only” sign and warning adults to keep out!

For more photos from this wedding, you can click on the couple’s blog post here.

Mhari Scott Photography